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Sep 14

Wearable devices: not just an accessory

September 14

The future belongs to wearable devices. All of us have ever used smart watches, bracelets, calorie counters, etc. Every day we come across one or another type of smart wearable device, use it as a technological accessory or for entertainment. Today high technologies are available to everyone, they simplify many life processes.

Let’s now imagine how you can use all this arsenal in production, in the organization of labor protection. What will happen if we use smart wearable device technologies to reduce employee injuries, implement them to improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents. We have thousands of sensors at our disposal that can work in a single ecosystem, performing continuous monitoring functions.

During the round table, we will look at all available types of such devices that can already be used on a production scale, get acquainted with the possibilities of their application and find out what tasks they solve. The invited experts will share best practices of successful implementation of high technologies in production processes.

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September 14