Layher dock systems

It’s a great honor to work with professionals. Company Layher — The general Partner of the Business Session in Sochi – conduct their professional activities in various business areas. One of them in which Layher modular scaffolding is represented is the aviation industry.

We found a fascinating video that demonstrates the implementation of universal modular dock systems designed for the maintenance, painting and repair of all types of aircraft.

For the information: In 2017, Layher LLC commissioned by A-Technics LLC, which is part of the Aeroflot group and is engaged in the repair and maintenance of aircraft, implemented a unique project – developed, manufactured and delivered a universal dock system for servicing wide-body aircraft.

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  1. The security system is so well that you can only admire it. All these designs are the dream of a health and safety specialist! This company policy is the case when the desired goal and the ideal goal coincide in to the same system.