Mr. Alejandro Jacobsen — Corporate Director for Safety and Health, Environment ( HSE ) — Ternium

We are happy to introduce Mr. Alejandro Jacobsen — a speaker on the Event Digital Transformation of HSE (ESH) — current situation

Mr. Jacobsen possesses more than 35 years in the steel industry occupying

He has Post graduated in:
Industrial Management (EOI – Madrid, Spain)
Metallurgical processes (University of La Plata – Argentina)

Currently, Mr. Jacobsen is Head of Safety, Hygiene, Environment for all operations of Ternium As background he has managerial senior positions in Manufacturing, Maintenance, Automation, Engineering, Safety, Quality

Short summary:
Name: Mr. Alejandro Jacobsen
Position: Corporate Director for Safety and Health, Environment (HSE)
Company/Organization: Ternium.
Event: Digital Transformation of HSE (ESH) — current situation
Event description: Discussion on the topic: what should we transform in production processes and how we should make this transformation happen.

Event date: 30, March 2021, 4 pm (GMT+3) Mr. Jacobson is a member of the platform. You can ask him questions and leave your comments below.

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  1. Hola, tu presentacion era muy interesante y me gustaria aprofundir el tema de la video y RFID. Cuales son los vendedores con quien trabajaste para implentar tal soluciones?

    1. Dear Sebastien, thank you for your active interest in the presentation of our distinguished speaker @Ajacobsen We are sure, very soon he will respond to your comment.