We are extremely glad to announce that Vision Zero Digital platform has achieved 1000 members!

It is not just a social network or a platform for communication, but a solid professional ecosystem that unites expert materials on different aspects of the Vision Zero concept.

It is common knowledge that 1000 people in an online space form a COMMUNITY – a group of people united by common interests and ideas. We are extremely happy that in less than 6 months since the official launch of the platform it is possible to engage such a great number of people, not from one country or one company, but more than 1000 professionals from 40 countries and 896 companies.

Here on the map you can see visualized numbers and geographical distribution of the platform.

TOP 10 countries presented on the platform:

Russia 58.61%
Spain 9.12%
Colombia 5.53%
Ukraine 3.48%
Mexico 2.97%
Peru 2.46%
Argentina 2.46%
United States 1.84%
Chile 1.33%
Ecuador 1.13%

We also would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Strategic Partners, to the speakers of online events and platform members who actively contribute to Vision Zero Digital – the first professional HSE ecosystem in the world!

Happy 1000 members!

Stay tuned, a lot of interesting materials are waiting for you!

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