Networking in the space of VZ Digital: how it works

Our participants have a whole pool of tools within the VZ Digital platform to make the communication process and the search for new contacts as convenient as possible. In this article, we will talk about the possibilities of the Vision Zero Digital digital platform: from communicating with other participants and networking on the tracks to personalizing your personal account.  

Let’s get a little closer in this era of total distance. Let the online platform Vision Zero Digital become our main assistant in this. 

We have tried to make it convenient to use a wide range of tools. So you could build your network as effectively as possible. Only useful content, interesting and high quality spent time in the company of like-minded people are waiting for you.

Let’s see together what tools you can use here and now.

Member Profile

We understand how important it is sometimes to express yourself in the digital space, to demonstrate your personality and professionalism. Therefore, we offer participants to personalize their personal account. 

Enter your first and last name, position, and organization name – all this will help other participants find you and start communicating. 

Don’t forget to leave your email address, phone number, and social media link.  This is how your contacts and subscribers will be able to contact you outside of the platform.   

And, of course, attach a photo to your profile. The ability to see a person’s face increases the chances of successful and productive communication.


On the Vision Zero Digital platform, you can participate in discussions and launch them yourself within the six main tracks. Each community is unique. So each participant will be able to find useful content, take part in an up-to-date conversation, and quickly and easily meet colleagues from all over the world.

In every direction there is the curator who is an expert in his or her field. These people control the quality of the content, help the participants to actively express themselves, and you can always turn to them for expert support. Each group can create its own discussion forum. Also, several groups can be additionally attached to the same discussion forum.


Professional interaction is not limited to participation in group discussions and forums. Platform participants can connect with each other and focus on the contacts they are most interested in.

Exchange private messages with a specific participant or with a whole group of contacts. Invite your colleagues to the platform, send them invitations by email. Allow participants to find you on other social networks. 

Our participants can also @mention other registered users. Just add an “@” sign in front of the user name without a space and the specified user will receive a notification about the post.

The support team is always ready to answer all your questions and help you with navigation.

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