Mr. Andrey Zolotavin — Sr Real Time Specialist — Kuwait Oil Company

We are happy to introduce Mr. Andrey Zolotavin — a speaker on the Event Digital Transformation of HSE (ESH) — current situation

Mr. Zolotavin possesses more than 25 years of working experience in power generation, nuclear, sea water desalination. His field of professional expertise is digital oilfield, digital transformation, data transformation into information with informed decision-making and execution of strategies in operations, maintenance across continents.

He believes that digital transformation is the main engine of Companies growth during economical turmoil.

Short summary:
Name: Mr. Andrey Zolotavin
Position: Sr Real Time Specialist
Company/Organization: Kuwait Oil Company
Event: Digital Transformation of HSE (ESH) — current situation
Event description: Discussion on the topic: what should we transform in production processes and how we should make this transformation happen.

Event date: 30, March 2021, 4 pm (GMT+3)

Mr. Zolotavin is a member of the platform. You can ask him questions and leave your comments below.

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