Ms. Ana Casas Infantes – Product Development and Digitalisation Director – SUEZ

We are happy to introduce Ms. Ana Casas Infantes – a speaker on the Event Digital Transformation of HSE (ESH) – current situation

During the Event Ms. Casas will present on Digital Transformation in the water industry.

Ms. Casas is a chemical engineer (graduated Chemical Institute of Sarriá), she has a Master’s degree in integral water cycle management and a postgraduate degree in Water Management (EADA).

She has been in SUEZ for more than 12 years, and is currently Product Development and Digitalisation Director. Her department implies leadership in developing and managing products in SUEZ, including comprehensive water cycle and Environmental Health Solutions Services, identifying and collecting customer requirements in Spain and South America, and adapting the services to the customers’ needs. Ana also participates and leads the company’s operational digital transformation projects.

She has experience in the optimisation of water consumption (Solvay) as well as in leadership. For instance she has led several projects related to waste and water in the leather industry as well as experience in environmental audits in the international scope (BLC Leather Technology Centre, UK).

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