6 tracks on the way to Vision Zero

For ease of navigation, more than 40 events of the business program are divided into 6 tracks within the main tracks of the business program. It is important for us to help our users to establish effective communication and regularly receive useful information on the profile of their expertise.

On the VZ Digital platform, these tracks are anchored as thematic communities that bring together specialists with similar interests.

Having access to the track communities, participants can engage in discussions with colleagues from around the world, exchange the best domestic and international practices, and receive concentrated content on the profile of interest. 

Within the information space of each track the most relevant and useful news of each area will be published. Specially invited experts, speakers of specialized events will share their vision and experience. All documents, official video files and photos will be published here.

Join the tracks, become part of a new global community of specialists in the field of occupational safety & health, well-being and environmental protection. 

Main tracks of the business program:

Safety & Risk Management
The track’s events are dedicated to discussing new strategies and fresh approaches to occupational health and safety. Specialists and experts will talk about tools that help reduce the risk of accidents and prevent them with minimal losses.

Human Capital 
HR management, effective management, leadership, and human resource development are the foundation for a company that shares the Vision Zero principles. Within the framework of the track, we will discuss how to create a dream team, grow talents, as well as modern ways of motivating and training staff.

Global Dialogue 
The track is dedicated to the exchange of experience in the field of health, safety and environmental protection between representatives from all over the world. Demonstration of the best approaches and results of global management and governance.

Digital Transformation 
We live in the era of digitalization, which will affect all areas of production. What technologies and innovations have already become the working tools of HSE specialists, how companies implement their digital transformation strategy in different countries, and much more.

Environment & Sustainable Development 
Environmental protection is one of the priority elements of sustainable development. Companies around the world pay great attention to minimizing environmental damage. The track will consider strategies for greening business.

Health & Culture of Well-Being 
The track is dedicated to the formation of a culture of health and well-being in the team. Participants will discuss how a healthy working environment affects business performance, how to calculate the return on investment for the development of corporate culture, as well as many other practical issues.

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