OSHAfrica. Strategic Partner of Vision Zero Safety Future Congress

Our pull of Strategic Partners is full of bright organisations. Today we are sharing with your information about OSHAfrica. 

Occupational Safety and Health Africa Foundation (OSHAfrica) is a Pan-African Occupational Safety and Health network of experts drawn together for collaborative work and sharing of data. We have over 500 members from 40 African countries. The organization functions through scientific committees that are focused on very clear issues within the African Occupational Safety and Health ecosystem.

Main Objectives:

•          To lead OSH studies and researches across Africa

•          To work in collaboration with all OSH partners and stakeholders in developing OSH projects and programs across Africa.

•          To bring together everyone within the field of OSH towards strengthening Occupational Safety and Health in Africa.

•          To improve OSH competencies among African citizens towards employability 

•          Holding consultative fora with opinion leaders, economic blocs, Unions and other experts towards improvement and review of existing OSH legislations within the region.

•          Creating a platform for everyone to grow and improve in OSH

•          To hold triennially the International OSHAfrica Conferences 

•          To create a trusted African OSH membership base within the region.

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