A brief guide to platform events

Welcome to Online-platform Vision Zero Digital!
After registering on VZ Digital platform for the purpose of development, networking and professional inspiration, you get access to published professional information and online business events.

The format of the events
Every week on the VZ Digital platform, experts in such areas as occupational, industrial and environmental safety, medicine and personnel management hold online events, discuss critical issues of the industry, answer questions from participants, and share their management practices.

Where and when can I watch the event broadcast?
The broadcast is published on the day of the event on the main page of the site in the news Feed / Feed.

To view records of the events that have already taken place, go to the page of the event you are interested in https://vision-zero.online/groups/ (path: Groups/Subgroups) or find a past event in the calendar https://vision-zero.online/events/ (then follow the link provided in the description).

What else?
In each event, you will find original content: thematic inputs from the event organizers, experts, and partners. These can be interview recordings, video lectures, instructions, checklists, case studies, opinions and statements from leading companies.
Learn and implement what will help you take your work to the next level!

You can find materials available for viewing and downloading:
* in the track you are interested in (path: Groups/Subgroups/Feed)
* on the page of a specific event (path: Groups/Subgroups/Topic/Feed of a specific event)
* in the Documents section of a specific event (path: Groups/Subgroups/Topic/Documents)

All online events are available for viewing throughout the annual cycle of the project.

If you have questions, please, do not hesitate to e-mail us: help@vision-zero.online.
Our support team is always here to help you!

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