Shall we start: Opening Session on the 23rd of March

The Opening Session is coming!

More than 40 online events and interactive events are waiting for our participants this year.

All events will be announced on the platform in advance, but now you can see all of them and add the most interesting ones to the calendar.

The Opening session starts a series of events. We invited leading international experts, who actively contribute to the development of the Vision Zero concept around the world, to share their vision of the current situation. Here you will know about the latest trends in the field of labor protection, what should be focused on for a successful transformation.

The following speakers will take part in the Opening Session:

Mr. Hans-Horst Konkolewsky — ORP Foundation, President of FIORP, Ambassador of Vision Zero

Mr. Helmut Ehnes — ISSA, Chairman, International Social Security Association VISION ZERO Steering Committee

Mr. Ockert Dupper — ILO, Global Programme Manager Vision Zero Fund (VZF)

Ms. Bev Messinger — IOSH, CEO

Mr. Andrew Purvis — World Steel Association, Chairperson of the Board in ESOSH, PhD in Engineering, Tech IOSH, Vision Zero Trainer ESOSH, – the European Society of Occupational Safety & Health

Mr. Pavel Kosyrev — Association for the Health and Safety Promotion “ETALON”, Vice-president of the Association “ETALON”

In the end of the Opening session an interview with the guest-star is waiting for you. Mr. José Raúl González Merlo – Chief Executive Officer at Progreso – has confirmed to become a guest speaker on the interview

What: Opening Session

Where: Vision Zero Digital Platform

When: March 23, 4: 00 pm (Moscow time) You can always find the schedule of other events here:

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