Guest-star interview announcement

On March, 23 4:00 pm (GMT +3) you will watch the speeches of our esteemed speakers Hans-Horst Konkolewsky (President FIORP, Vision Zero Ambassador), Helmut Ehnes (Chairman, International Social Security Association VISION ZERO Steering Committee, ISSA) Ockert Dupper (Global Program Manager Vision Zero Fund, ILO), Bev Messinger (CEO, IOSH), Andrew Purvis (Director, Safety Health & Environment World Steel Association).

In addition, earlier we have announced the interview with the guest-star that will be at the end of the Opening Session. Anticipating the interest and possible questions, we decided to tell you what we talked about with Mr. Gonzalez. 

First of all, it should be noted that Progreso is a large and one of the oldest companies in Guatemala. As Progreso is recognised as the World’s Most Ethical Company, it is also for multiple times has become a winner of the International Safety Awards of the British Safety Council.

During the interview, Pavel Kosyrev, Vice-president of the Etalon Association, learned the secret of such consistent success, found out what changed in the company after the Vision Zero principles were actively implemented, how the national culture and mentality of the residents of a developing country affects the implementation of the Vision Zero principles within the company.

Being originally a CFO, Mr. Gonzalez has experienced a transformation of personal beliefs. In an interview, he shared what caused the change in views on doing business, what place the financial component occupies in the implementation of the Vision Zero concept, what it means to be a Vision Zero believer.

Stay tuned, get more interesting news firsthand.

Meet us at the Opening Session 4 pm (+3 GMT)

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