Mr. Pavel Kosyrev – Vice-president of the Association for the Health and Safety Promotion “ETALON”

Tomorrow on March, 30 at 4:00 (+3 GMT), the broadcast of the Digital Transformation of HSE (ESH) – current situation event begins. 

Mr. Pavel Kosyrev will be a moderator in this session. He has prepared tricky questions to all three speakers and has guided them through this journey of digitalization.

Mr. Kosyrev is Vice-President of the ETALON Association, CEO of NOVA, representative of the Russian delegation of the APEC Summit 2017, member of the Board of Directors of the Klin Institute of occupational safety and conditions.

Tomorrow on March, 30 at 4:00 (+3 GMT) we will find out:

• The components of successful Digital transformation are not about technologies only, it’s about people, training, culture, strategy, etc.

• Areas of transformation. Processes, instruments/tools, workplaces, working conditions, etc.

• Examples of a good strategy for digital transformation in HSE.

• What is the purpose of digital transformation? Possible effects for the company.

• What is the best way for a company to start.

Don’t miss the broadcast of the Digital Transformation of HSE (ESH) – current situation. Join the event here.

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