ESOSH Ukraine. Strategic Partner of Vision Zero Safety Future Congress

We continue to introduce you our Strategic Partners. Today we would like to share with your information about ESOSH Ukraine.

The European Society of Occupational Safety & Health (ESOSH) is non-governmental and non-profitable international health & safety professional community based in Ukraine.

Vision: Life is the ultimate value

Mission: Safety Leadership

Aim: Competency Development

There are more than 1500 associated members and 12 working groups: OHS Directors of large companies, Gas & Oil, Agriculture, Metallurgic & Mining OHS Directors, the Legislation Initiative, the Safety League of Foreign Enterprises, Technical Experts, High School Lecturers, Hygiene & Medicine etc.

ESOSH cooperates also externally with state labor authorities, employers’ foundations, and with the Association of protective equipment producers.

Stay tuned to find out more information. Find out more information about the Partner HERE.

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