Access levels on Vision Zero Digital platform

Dear participants, Vision Zero Online platform community consists of more than 700 professionals now and it is growing constantly!

All the participants actively use the platform: watch online events, discuss the speakers’ presentations, communicate with each other, download materials.
So that you can use all the capabilities of the platform to the fullest, we are launching a series of organizational posts, where we will tell you about the functionality of the Vision Zero Digital platform in more detail. We are sure that this will make your stay here even more rewarding and comfortable.

You may have already noticed that not all of the published links are available for navigation, and the platform may ask you to log in again when you click on some sections of the menu.
Let us answer the most common question — why is this happening?
The thing is that the platform provides several levels of access:

1. Free
2. Full Access 2021
3. Online 2021

AccessibilityFULL ACCESS 2021ONLINE 2021FREE
Online events 24/7 Every week, experts in the field of occupational safety, industrial safety, ecology, technology and human resource management share their experience, provide practical tools and answer your questions during online presentations. Past events’ recordings are available to you at any time throughout the project’s annual cycle.++
Authorial content You have access to unique thematic materials prepared by our speakers and experts (presentations, interviews, instructions, case studies from leading international companies etc.) that you can use in your work.++
Communication At any time, you have access to all platform discussions with community members, speakers, experts, and you can also request a zoom meeting with the speaker. And if you did not find a topic that interests you, you can create your own discussion to raise questions that interest you and share your opinion.++
Ticket for an offline event in Spain in 2022+

Now let us show you how to increase your access level in order to use the full functionality of the platform.
To change your access level, follow these steps:

If you have questions about access levels, please, do not hesitate to email us: [email protected].
Our support team is always here to help you!

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